Podcast for 4/15/10

Posted: 20th April 2010 by ed in Podcasts
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Here is the podcast from Thursday. Enjoy.

Don’t ask why I used that image, I just like Boba Fett.

  1. Angelique Bradford says:

    Hey guys (Charlie, Ed, etc.),

  2. Angelique Bradford says:

    Hey guys (Charlie, Ed, etc.),
    I’m in the middle of listening to this podcast and I just wanted to say how great I think it is and how exciting it is when the new podcasts are put up on the ‘site.
    Also, I may be behind the curve on this, but is there a way that I can get the podcast on my iTunes? The last one that auto-downloaded for me was from 3/16.
    Thanks again for chatting and making me laugh (at least on the days when the podcast is updated – some of us can’t listen live because of class times).
    Bah Weep-