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Posted: 2nd September 2010 by ed in Ed, Podcasts

This has to be some sort of record, right? What is this, 3 straight weeks? Jimmy and Ed rant about tiny men with huge egos, Jim’s trip back to NYC for Sirius and then Begley joins us for some Apple talk.

Click here to listen! The Empire 9/1/10
Link has been fixed!

Speaking of Apple… We are trying to change the podcast feed with the Apple store and, well, they are idiots. I will let everyone know when you can get it in itunes. Don’t forget to update your RSS feed if you are using one.


EDIT: If you want to subscribe to the podcast without using the store follow these instructions.
1.Launch iTunes.
2.In the Advanced menu, select Subscribe to Podcast.
3.Enter your feed URL (http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheEmpireRadio) in the text box and click OK.

Good luck!

  1. fn-ex'er says:

    the Billy Ripken baseball card story was fantastic. Oddly satisfying to hear the added detail on the fall of FNX under the evil Fred Schneider look-alike (or should I say, “fuckface”?). Keep it coming.

  2. former fnxer says:

    loved this weeks podcast. Just listened to it. Ed & Jim are so good together! thanks for the great entertainment while I cleaned my living room. hope to hear you both back next week.

  3. Mike Shea says:

    Currently listening to last weeks podcast where Jim was talking about wheel’n n deal’n fireworks to his friends at school. I had a similar deal myself in the 7th and 8th grade in Malden Middle school circa 1999. My hispanic friend Andres sent me an .mp3 via email and I was like “YOU CAN PLAY MUSIC ON YOUR COMPUTER??” and he then showed me Napster. This was when the service JUST came out so nobody really knew about it especially 7th graders. So I go to all my classmates and ask them what albums they want and burn them for them for $5 a piece. I remember my first sale was Eminem’s Slim Shady LP to about 20 different kids. I then realized I could make mix CD’s so I typed up a little template with 15 blank spots that people could pick whatever songs they want for $7 and I would burn it for them. I did this for about 6 months and made almost $800. I got in a big fight with my mom about how she thought I was selling drugs and had to explain it all to her. She made me put all the money in a FUCKING SAVINGS ACCOUNT where all my other birthday money etc. went and I never really saw it again… Either way it was a good racket.