My wish list

Posted: 26th March 2010 by ed in Blogs, Ed
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Before I begin let me state that the podcast from yesterday is coming. It will post tonight or tomorrow. Sorry for the delay but I was busy trying to get a job 😉

On to the important stuff!

My birthday is coming up and you are looking at what is number one on my list, a life-size Boba Fett bust! I asked the girlfriend to get it for me but she just laughed and said it wasn’t practical. What is not practical about this lovely piece of art? Nothing, that’s what! It is the epitome of practicality.   I love her but she is just bonkers.  So if you have $799.99 sitting around that you want to blow on your favorite out-of-work DJ just let me know.

You can read more about Mr. Fett here.


  1. Jon says:

    I don’t see how that isn’t practical.

    1. Put that monster in your living room.
    2. Some dubious-type makes an illegal entrance into your living quarters.
    3. They see that shit in the shadows and make their exit post haste. No one wants to fuck with an intergalactic bounty hunter.

  2. traci-ann says:

    isn’t any sort of investment in artwork practical? it will on only appreciate in value over time thereby guaranteeing a profit on your original investment should you ever decide to sell. perfectly practical.