Big Jim = Teh Suxorz

Posted: 29th September 2010 by ed in Uncategorized

Well, Big Jim manages to ruin Wednesday for everyone yet again.  For some reason Jimmy doesn’t realize that we do the show EVERY WEDNESDAY 7-9PM!  No wonder he doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t grasp the concept of a schedule.

Since we have disappointed you enough by not doing The Empire today I figured I would attempt to make it up to you by posting an old podcast from The Sandbox days.  Oddly, Charlie isn’t present for this one.  It is from 12/22/09 which means it is our second-to-last show.  Probably not our best since we were already under the thumb of Masters Schneider but it does feature appearances by Andrew “The Firefly” Ference and the always hot Dawn Yanek.

As an added bonus here is my tribute song to my hockey pal Andy.

  1. barkums/adam says:

    Don’t you mean “engineered by CHRIS Padgett?!” 😀

  2. mike says:

    oh man this brought back a lot of memories.

  3. Josh says:

    The one thing I miss about the show is the Mega Robo Thunder Phone Query. Some of my favorites were which muppet would you fight and would you rather be hanged, drawn and quartered or put in the brazen bull.

    Some quality shit right there.

    I was able to download all of the podcasts before they were taken down though. So the sandbox may be gone but not forgotten.

  4. fn-ex'er says:

    starting from this page, you can go back and access all the podcasts and blog entries from the FNX days. Comments no longer there but a walk down memory lane nonetheless. I actually find it tough to listen to the stuff now, especially from the last day, knowing how it would turn out. Small solace knowing that Schneider was driven out of his puny mind by hearing Jim’s voice on the EMS ad, that was funny as hell.