I just posted a blog promising yesterday’s podcast and here it is! How awesome am I?

If you want to hear us blather on about rude people, Andy Ference and Tea Baggers then this is the place for you. Get it here. I will warn you, it is the whole 3 hour show. If you like it big let us know. If not we will break it into bite-size pieces. You just have to tell us.

Viva la Empire!


  1. Josh says:

    I love it when the whole show is posted. Because at my job i sometimes dont get to listen to the whole thing due to meetings or co-workers needing help with something. So if i miss most of a show I get to listen to it later.

  2. Alex says:

    keep it long lol. i hated the chopped up ones. it feels like im listening to the show live and not just a podcast

  3. Raine says:

    How do I get this on my ipod? i like the whole three hours of the first one. I like it big 😀

  4. Smelly Hamper says:


  5. J-MAN says:

    im with raine!!! put them up on itunes like the first one!!! pleese!!!

  6. natis says:

    Are the podcasts going to be put back into the iTMS or some RSS feed to have auto downloads?