A-Z, 1-2-3: Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

Posted: 29th November 2010 by ed in Blogs, Ed

The year was 1991 and I was finishing up my freshman year.  Though I was impatient for the physical manifestations of puberty, checking in the mirror for armpit hair every time I exited the shower, the emotional changes had begun and I my taste in music was changing.  Up to this point I was listening strictly to Top 40 and MTV hits.  Then I found 120 MinutesAlternative Nation and WHFSNed’s was one of the first bands that I became a fan of in my new-found musical maturity, based mostly on the video for “Grey Cell Green”.  Can you guess what drew me to the band?  Yup, the DOUBLE BASS attack!

You might think that you have never heard of Ned’s but I bet you know their version of the Bay City Rollers “Saturday Night” as it was on the soundtrack for So I Married An Axe Murder.  Ring a bell?

Grey Cell Green – The song that started my love affair with Ned’s.  Don’t ask me what the lyrics mean because I have no fuckin’ idea.

NAD vs NDX=NSA – A crazy remix of  “Not Sleeping Around” found on the 05.22 comp(also known as “Load of Balls).   My pal Larry brought this comp to my attention while he was working in the CD department of Circuit City and I don’t think I ever thanked him.

Traffic – When Brainbloodvolume first came out I, along with most other Ned’s fans, was disappointed.  But time and maturity gave me a new perspective on the disc and “Traffic” ran up my list of favorite songs.