How to describe Reggie & The Full Effect?  Well, see, the band is pretty much one dude who was/is in The Get Up Kids.  That dude is James Dewees.  He was also in Coalesce if you care.  One day James decided to write a few songs on his own and hand them out on cassettes at Coalesce shows.  One person to get a tape was Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids who convinced DeWees to make better quality versions.  He also eventually got him to join his band…

Most of the Reggie tunes are about girls, love, love and girls, food and (post his divorce) loss of love.  In addition to the Reggie tunes DeWees also has 2 alter egos who appear on Reggie releases.  Fluxuation is his electro-pop act and Common Denominator is his Swedish Death Metal band.  It is like 3 bands in 1!

One of the things that makes Reggie great is the complex and mysterious background story that DeWees created around all 3 bands.  For more feel free to google it.

Something I’m Not – This track off of Promotional Copy has guest vocals from Sean Ingram of Coalesce. It is loud, angry, poppy and has a great breakdown.  Makes me want to smash shit!

Girl, Why’d You Run Away? – A typical example of what Reggie does.  Poppy, catchy and fun.

Apocalypse POW! – For some reason I like the tracks that Ingram shows up on.  You might have heard a portion of this looped in Emogame 1.5.

  1. Tinkerbell says:

    What is the Empire’s mailing address?

  2. Dan Ziniti says:

    I would have gone with Reel Big Fish, but maybe that’s just me!