A-Z, 1-2-3 Round 2: Brand New

Posted: 21st January 2011 by ed in Blogs, Ed

Some bands never change.  They find a style/genre that works for them, maybe record a hit, rinse and repeat.  Brand New very easily could have been one of those bands.  Their debut record was of the pop-punk variety and they could have continued to churn out that record every release.  Instead they chose to evolve and reinvent and I couldn’t be happier.  If you have time sit down and listen to Your Favorite Weapon and then throw on Daisy and tell me if you hear the same band.

I love every record from Brand New for different reasons.  “Jude Law” is a perfect pop-punk kiss-off song, “Sic Transit Gloria” is a natural and mature progression and “You Won’t Know” is a mature band challenging itself.  I easily could have picked 10 songs but that wouldn’t work with the 1-2-3 part of this bit.

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  2. Great pick dude. who would have thought that of all the early 2000’s emo band/post emo hardcore bands that Brand New would be the most relevant one?

    I thought Thursday was going to be the new Metallica.

  3. Ed says:

    I initially wrote Brand new off a another pop-punk flash in the pan. I was wrong.

    Full Collapse still rules!

  4. Di says:

    Devil and God is one of my fav albums of all time. Especially during the winter. Daisy continues to grow on me… especially love “Noro” and “Daisy”… the darker and more depressing the better.