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Listeners of The Empire are already familiar with Kevin Begley but at the time of this recording Begs was kicking it out on the West Coast on Indie 103.1.  This is his first call to the WTF Line and he decided to recount all of Charlie’s “catchphrases”.  As you will hear Fletcher and I thought […]

First, let me apologize for there being no show last Wednesday and for me not letting anyone know.  I am sure all 6 of you were heartbroken. With that out of the way I must now inform you that we will be taking a brief (or slightly longer) hiatus from podcasting.  With the loss of […]

Jack LaLanne: D-E-D Dead at 96

Posted: 24th January 2011 by ed in Blogs, Ed
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If ever anyone lived a life that was the antithesis of The Sandbox/The Empire when it comes to physical health it is this man.  We were lucky enough to interview Jack and his lovely (and crazy) wife Elaine during out days in The Sandbox.  Pay your respects to Jack by enjoying our interview with him […]

Bah-Weep! Just because we aren’t a morning show right now doesn’t mean we can’t have a Holiday Hootenanny! Help us keep the tradition alive by joining us. Tell a friend or two and be sure to bring a few more along! Join us for a Happy Hour(s) full of food, drinks and fun! THIS IS […]


Posted: 9th September 2010 by ed in Blogs, Ed
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There was no podcast last night. I decided to take in The Airborne Toxic Event in Somerville and I regret nothing! That band gets better every time and this small setting was amazing. Jim has no ambition and decided he couldn’t do the show without me. Begley had to work for The Man and Charlie […]