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We’re baaaaaaack!

Posted: 10th March 2011 by ed in Ed, Podcasts
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Charlie and Ed got together for a little bit on Wednesday night to throw together something that resembles a podcast.  You will get caught up on Charlie’s life, hear tales of Ed’s educational downward spiral and be dazzled by tales of dickhead customers!  Just click below to listen now or download it to your favorite […]

Blast From The Past: Blow Up Santoro?!

Posted: 3rd February 2011 by ed in Blogs, Ed, Podcasts

At some point The Sandbox did a week of Mega Robo Thunder Phone Queries about blowing up a Boston icon and then asking what we should replace it with.  After going through icons like Fenway we found our way to Henry Santoro.  Here are the results.

Ah, the last day that The Sandbox was on the air.  Has it really been that long?  It was December 23rd, 2009 and we had assembled a group of loyal Sandboxers in the studio for our 3rd (and final) Holiday Hootenanny.  Of course, we didn’t know it would be our last day on the air […]

The Empire Podcast: 1-5-11

Posted: 6th January 2011 by ed in Ed, Podcasts
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Last night we covered movies, sports, food and the loss of Begley and Doug.  Pretty much a typical podcast aside from that last part… Oh, and my roomie Pad made his debut.PS -We cut it a little short to go play Goldeneye. Sorry.

Keith Dakin’s Top 40 Songs of 2010

Posted: 29th December 2010 by ed in Ed, Podcasts

Who Needs Big Jim?

Posted: 2nd December 2010 by ed in Begley, Doug, Ed, Podcasts

Mr. Nancy Pants over to the left here couldn’t make it to the podcast last night because it was raining.  Boo Hoo Babeasroo!  What a pussy.  Anyway, Ed Doug and Begley made it in to talk smokes, rings, relationships and food.  Don’t worry, it somehow makes sense…

The Empire Podcast 11/17/10

Posted: 18th November 2010 by ed in Big Jim, Ed, Podcasts

It is just Jim and ed this week as somehow we go from talking about the loss of Ed’s grandfather to the Sear Wish Book and the end of Terror in Lynn.

The Empire Podcast 11/10/10

Posted: 11th November 2010 by ed in Begley, Big Jim, Doug, Ed, Podcasts

This week Ed has to suffer through the idiocy if Jim, Doug and Begely when it comes to Happy Meals. We also hit on cell phone dependence and Jim relays tell a wonderful story about Craigslist. Download it, listen here or subscribe to the RSS/iTunes feed!

Another New Face.

Posted: 4th November 2010 by ed in Ed, Podcasts
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Since the cranky, old radio guys Jim and Doug can’t make it in regularly I had to call in reinforcements.  Please welcome Matt Shearer.  Matt is a young buck who I work with at my day job and is also my better half on How Bad Can It Be? which airs on WTKK 96.9FM this […]

The Gang’s All Here!

Posted: 29th October 2010 by ed in Ed, Podcasts

I can hardly believe it but everyone managed to show up this week. Begley, Jim and Doug.   Even Charlie makes an appearance (kind of). This week we chat about Ed’s heroics, Begley’s failures and destroy the Globe’s online list of “Scary Movies”.