We have been using our Twitter account to hint at something big coming up in the next few days, have you figured it out yet? I hope not because that gives us 6 more days to tease you like a prude girl in the back of your ’89 Honda Civic who keeps pretending like she is going to go down your pants but never does and you have to go home and download porn from AOL because it is 1996 and you are too embarrassed to go buy a good VHS tape or magazine… but I digress.


  1. traci-ann says:

    mike tyranny got booted from FNX? you & charlie will be back?

  2. Sean says:

    It was a 1987 Honda Accord, Limewire, and the year was 2002.

    (I Love that my car was 2 years older, 6 years later)

  3. Your Coming Back To WFNX to replace The morning show?

  4. Manic Monkey says:

    The funny part is certain porn websites still offer VHS which is weird and awesome at the same time.

  5. Hot Stock says:

    What is weird is that you mention 1996 – wouldn’t that make you 20? Ekkkk… loser