A-Z, 1-2-3 Round 2: Face To Face

Posted: 27th January 2011 by ed in Blogs, Ed

Face To Face has been kicking it since 1991.  I would guess I found them a few years after the fact when my pal Larry let me borrow Big Choice.  This was the period in my life where I started to look for music outside of what was on pop radio.  For whatever reason I had harbored a fear of “punk rock”.  Perhaps it was the fact that I was a nerd from the suburbs who was scared of people with huge mohawks, studded belts and shit kicker boots.  Luckily I was introduced to bands like The Descendents and NOFX who made me realize that it was okay for me to be into punk and that had I any musical inclination or talent I might have been able to create it too!  Since I can’t sing or play an instrument (not that this stopped a lot of punk bands) I just became of fan of the music.

They broke up for a bit back in 2004 but eventually reunited are releasing a new disc this year.  While they might not be the biggest or most loved band in CA punk they will always be in my collection.

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