A-Z, 1-2-3: The Queers

Posted: 7th December 2010 by ed in Blogs, Ed
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If I have said it once I have said it a million times… I like my music fast, catchy and under 3:30.  The Queers have that down to a science.   They are made up of 3/4s The Ramone’s plus 1/4 Beach Boys so they might not break any new ground but they certainly write some catchy tunes.

After forming in New Hampshire back in the early 80s the band broke up in ’84.  Joe Queer ended up reforming the band in 1990 with a new supporting cast.  Joe has been the only constant member in the band that has seen more than 20 other people come and go.  Original member Wimpy does show up to play at live shows every once in a while.

I Met Her At The Rat – How could this not be one of my favorite songs?  While I never went to or even knew of The Rat before I moved here the song still held meaning for me.  What link punk-boy wouldn’t want to meet his girl at his club?

Punk Rock Confidential – Another example of The Queers doing what they do best and that is write catchy songs about girls.

Don’t Back Down – Paying homage to an obvious influence The Queers cover of the Beach Boys classic.

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  2. barkums/adam says:

    What? No mention of one of, if not thier best album; Love Songs For The Retarded? For shame, Ed… For shame.